Kim Coco Iwamoto over Scott Saiki

Without question Kim Coco Iwamoto is the best choice over Scott Saiki. I’ve known and worked closely with her for years, and likewise I’ve known and worked with her opponent Speaker of the House Scott Saiki for about the same time period.

Saiki has been in office 28 years too long. Though he is burying residents in the district with mailers claiming great accomplishments, the truth is things are much worse off today than they were yesterday.  Despite his positive claims, there is more homelessness, more crime, and more government corruption today than ever.

Both legal and illegal government corruption are at the highest levels ever and Scott Saiki has done little to nothing to reverse the tide, not prior to legislators being arrested for bribery and not after. He formed a Commission to look into it and make recommendations but has taken no significant tangible action at all.

He could have proposed and supported banning all fundraising during the legislative session. He could have proposed limits to the unilateral power of Committee Chairs. He could have suggested that legislative committees stop meeting in private and instead comply with the State constitution and discuss committee decisions only in public. 

He could have done lots of things that should have been done a long, long, time ago, but he didn’t. And if history is our teacher, we know he won’t.  

He has had 28 years to make a difference and it’s time now for new energy, new ideas, and a new Representative for Honolulu District 25.

Kim Coco Iwamoto is eminently qualified to serve.  Like many of us, she is appalled at the depth of corruption in our government and she is committed to pushing back against the old ways of “going along to get along”.  Kim Coco is smart, articulate, and fearless.

Without question, electing Kim Coco Iwamoto to the Hawaiʻi State House of Representatives will in an of itself change the very character of that institution for the better.

Of this I have no doubt.

In the primary election two years ago on August 8th, 2020 Kim Coco Iwamoto fell just 167 votes short of victory.

We need to push hard to get out the vote and push Kim Coco Iwamoto over the top this time.  Saiki is shoveling money at his campaign, sending out mailer after mailer, and he has the backing of major SuperPac’s who are also investing heavily in him.

If you live in District #25 Ala Moana, Kaka’ako, and Downtown – please vote for Kim Coco Iwamoto.  Then, after you cast your vote, go next door and talk to your neighbor and encourage them to do the same. Please also share this email with friends and family who live in the district.

If like me you do not live in the district, please reach out to friends and acquaintances you know that live in that area.

When Kim Coco wins, all of Hawaiʻi will win.

Let’s do this.

Gary Hooser
Former Hawaiʻi State Senator

P.S. To read more as to why Kim Coco Iwamoto is the best choice read this piece from my blog: “I’m not pulling any punches on this one – Why Iwamoto over Saiki”

See a full statewide list of all endorsed State candidates and endorsed County candidates.

Disclosure: No candidate has authorized or approved this message. All costs of which there are none…associated with this message are paid for by me personally.


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