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Title: We should all be so lucky as the residents of Kailua are today

Natalia Hussey-Burdick has announced her candidacy for the State House of Representatives and we all, regardless of where we live, should send her our aloha, our mahalo, and our kōkua. Natalia is one of those verifiably awesome community leaders who … Continue reading

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Which candidates should be supported?

I’m getting this question fairly frequently and am thinking it’s important to describe the exact criteria I use that impact my personal decisions, as well as the basis for Pono Hawaiʻi Initiative endorsements – and likely most individuals and organizations … Continue reading

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Kauai Councilmembers vote to keep TVR room rates lower and postpone new investments in affordable housing

Words suitable for a family audience cannot express my reaction upon reading Guthrie Scrimgeour’s piece in Sunday’s TGI which started out: “By a 4 – 3 vote, the County Council voted down a measure Friday that would have increased the … Continue reading

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Hawaii’s next governor won’t dance

Be aware when the SuperPacs again bring out their long knives – Kai Kahele will not dance and he clearly can win. Therefore the big money forces will be fighting him tooth and nail, day and night, for the next 90 days. … Continue reading

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Who really deserves credit for the $18 minimum wage increase?

Assuming Governor Ige’s approval, Hawaii’s minimum wage will increase from $10.10 per hour to $12 in October, then phased increases will continue until it reaches $18 in 2028. In addition working families should celebrate the fact that the Earned Income … Continue reading

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Why I was there, why I am here: In 549 words or 3 minutes

I had 3 minutes. The group I was speaking to was a new organization, formed to support candidates whose values supported people and the ʻāina. The question I was asked to speak to was: Why are we here? The question … Continue reading

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