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Breaking: Kauai Councilmember Arrested

The primary question being asked by people is “What happens next?” Many want to know if/when Councilmember Brun will be removed from office and if/when that happens, how is his replacement selected. First of all, Councilmember Brun is allowed his … Continue reading

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Tulsi, Kahele…and the candidate stampede to follow

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard’s announcement that she would not be running for re-election, caught Hawaii’s political world by surprise. Initially, conventional wisdom would say that Big Island State Senator Kai Kahele is the heir apparent. But those more skilled in the … Continue reading

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Legislators get pay raises while minimum wage workers get nothing

The Aloha United Way commissioned ALICE REPORT: A STUDY OF FINANCIAL HARDSHIP IN HAWAI‘I determined than in 2017, 11% of Hawaii residents were living in poverty while another 37% exist on its very edge, only one paycheck away from financial … Continue reading

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On Gary’s “availability”.

People are often asking as to “my availability”. Bottom line: If I can help, do not hesitate to call. I am available to meet informally with any individual, anywhere in the state of Hawaii, who is considering running for public … Continue reading

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With the stroke of a pen, the power of a majority

The power of a single legislator whether on the council, at the state legislature, or in the U.S. Congress, is limited to that of being one voice and one vote.  They may introduce bills (proposed laws), they may cast a … Continue reading

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4 powers every legislator has, and one they definitely don’t

What exactly does my legislator do?  What power do they have and what exactly can they do, or not do? The quick and dirty answer is: They have the power to pass laws (but not really). They have the power … Continue reading

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