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Food/Farm Policy, Hawaii Style

According to numerous reports Hawaii imports about 90% of its food and exports approximately $3 billion a year paying for it.  All will agree I hope, that reversing this statistic so that 90% of our food is grown in Hawaii, … Continue reading

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Hawaii County Proposal To Ban Synthetic Herbicides – Bill 101 courtesy of Blake Watson

It’s been a long journey, but it looks like we are almost done passing a bill to ban the County’s usage of synthetic herbicides, Bill 101. The final hearing is set for 9am on November 20th and is being held … Continue reading

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“Legislature should raise the minimum wage to $15, without delay” by G. Hooser as published in the Honolulu StarAdvertiser

Every Hawaii legislator will receive a pay raise starting January 2021. Likewise, the governor, the lieutenant governor, all state judges and most top executives in state government will receive substantial pay raises. Minimum wage workers will get nothing. Legislators accepted … Continue reading

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Call To Action: Email Support For Minimum Wage Increase TODAY

Email Your Support For Minimum Wage Increase TODAY, before Wednesday, November 20. The word on the street is that members of the legislature will be discussing their 2020 “majority caucus” priorities on this day, and those days following. Below is … Continue reading

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Turning marchers into voters, learning from the revolution of ’54

On March 28, 2019, over 2,500 Kaua’i residents marched on Rice Street. On O’ahu, over 20,000 marched through Waikiki. Similarly, on Maui and in Hawai’i County – thousands marched – For, justice and for Aloha ‘Āina. Depending on the exact … Continue reading

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Breaking: Kauai Councilmember Arrested

The primary question being asked by people is “What happens next?” Many want to know if/when Councilmember Brun will be removed from office and if/when that happens, how is his replacement selected. First of all, Councilmember Brun is allowed his … Continue reading

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Tulsi, Kahele…and the candidate stampede to follow

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard’s announcement that she would not be running for re-election, caught Hawaii’s political world by surprise. Initially, conventional wisdom would say that Big Island State Senator Kai Kahele is the heir apparent. But those more skilled in the … Continue reading

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