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Broken News: Kauai residents allowed to choose on removing term limits, but not on increasing affordable housing

Today will be a potpourri of housing policy and politics, relating to issues before the Kauai County Council. The 3% for affordable housing proposed charter amendment that was introduced by Councilmember JoAnn Yukimura was shot down this past Wednesday by … Continue reading

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Kauaʻi Council Brings Christmas Early To Rice Street

With the passage of Bill 2687 the Kauaʻi County Council seems poised to gift millions of dollars of increased property values to a relatively small number of owners located in Lihuʻe along Rice Street with “no strings attached”.  Land owners … Continue reading

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Meet me on the barricades. Let’s do this.

For those of us focused on bringing about a political revolution in Hawaii, that time has arrived. All the essential elements are in place. There is a wide array of solid, qualified candidates on every island who share our values … Continue reading

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The most important voter on August 11th will be the non-voter

On this auspicious holiday, the 4th of July, when much of Hawaii’s population is in a celebratory mood and perhaps distracted from the fundamental purpose of the occasion, it is appropriate to pause for a moment and think about why … Continue reading

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An Election Year: The intersection of policy and politics – 3% for affordable housing

There is something about an election year that brings out the best in “sitting politicians” running for re-election.  With their political futures uncertain, and their elections soon to be determined by sometimes fickle voters, those in elected office often will … Continue reading

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Heroes of SB3095 – This is what democracy looks like

By now, most of you have heard that Governor David Ige has signed into law SB3095. Yes, we won. It’s amazing really.  The real story of course is about how it happened. How a small group of dedicated citizens in … Continue reading

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Governor Ige: Leadership, Core Values and Resolve Under Pressure

Governor David Ige’s leadership, core values and resolve under pressure was clearly demonstrated by his recent signing into law SB3095.  Hawai‘i residents concerned about their health and the health of their children and grandchildren should thank him.  Progressives and those … Continue reading

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