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An Election Year: The intersection of policy and politics – 3% for affordable housing

There is something about an election year that brings out the best in “sitting politicians” running for re-election.  With their political futures uncertain, and their elections soon to be determined by sometimes fickle voters, those in elected office often will … Continue reading

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Heroes of SB3095 – This is what democracy looks like

By now, most of you have heard that Governor David Ige has signed into law SB3095. Yes, we won. It’s amazing really.  The real story of course is about how it happened. How a small group of dedicated citizens in … Continue reading

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Governor Ige: Leadership, Core Values and Resolve Under Pressure

Governor David Ige’s leadership, core values and resolve under pressure was clearly demonstrated by his recent signing into law SB3095.  Hawai‘i residents concerned about their health and the health of their children and grandchildren should thank him.  Progressives and those … Continue reading

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Kauai Elections and Voting By The Numbers

Of the approximately 72,000 residents now living on Kauai, about 56,284 are adults and eligible to vote during the upcoming Primary election on August 11, 2018.  Yet, during the 2016 Primary only 15,273 people actually voted.  10,000 of these votes … Continue reading

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There are no perfect candidates.  

While there are good people and good candidates, none are without flaws and all have strengths and weaknesses. So how does one choose from a list of imperfect individuals?  What criteria is best for judging who is best suited to … Continue reading

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A straight-forward description of what Act 45 (formerly SB3095) actually does in terms of pesticide regulation

Act 45 (formerly SB3095CD1) contains 6 main components: 1- A ban on the use of the RUP and neurotoxin chlorpyrifos. This ban takes effect immediately however temporary permits will be granted allowing continued use for up to 4 years, at … Continue reading

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Hawai‘i does what EPA failed to do: first U.S. ban on chlorpyrifos enacted into law

Hawai’i made history today when Governor David Ige, watched by representatives of the community from across the islands, signed into law Senate Bill 3095, banning all uses of chlorpyrifos, a neurotoxin that has been banned for home use for over … Continue reading

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Winter is coming – be prepared

I have been warned by many friends on every island that those in traditional positions of power are concerned that the progressive movement is growing too strong. They are concerned we will in fact win too many seats at the … Continue reading

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Why Gary Hooser is supporting Kim Coco Iwamoto to be Hawaii’s next Lieutenant Governor.

I have known and worked with Kim Coco Iwamoto for over 16 years and she has my total support in her quest to become Hawaii’s next Lieutenant Governor.   Kim Coco is the real deal.  She is bright, articulate, hard … Continue reading

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The Democratic Party of Hawaii – Unity, Trust, Resistance and Moving Forward 

I want to thank Keali’i Lopez and Tim Vandeveer for their commitment to the Democratic Party, and for being willing to “put themselves out there”, for all of us. In a 529-472 (weighted) vote this past Sunday, May 27, Tim Vandeveer, the Chair … Continue reading

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