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2020 – A ride like no other

It’s been a roller-coaster of a year, and from small kid time until today – I have never liked roller-coasters. Whether it be at the E.K. Fernandez Show’s weekend carnival or at Disneyland, roller-coasters were never my cup of tea. Thank goodness … Continue reading

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Hawaii legislators should act boldly in the upcoming session – as published in Civil Beat

Please take a moment to click through and read my piece published in Civil Beat today! I would normally publish it also in its entirety here on my blog, but Civil Beat is requiring “exclusivity” and is asking that I … Continue reading

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E Pluribus Unum by Glenn Shockley – gh note – a good and thoughtful read. I encourage all to take the time to do so.

This was sent to me recently by an acquaintance who encouraged me to read it and kept encouraging me to read it until I did. And when I did, I was glad that I did. Please take some quiet time … Continue reading

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2021 strategy for change, request for help

After many conversations with advocates and friends across the archipelago and across the entire “issue spectrum,” the Pono Hawaii Initiative (PHI), will be embarking on a new more aggressive “strategy for change” in 2021. In short, we will be proactively … Continue reading

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The devil’s been down to Georgia, and now it’s time for the angels!

We are only two U.S. Senate seats away from breaking the gridlock “do nothing” status quo in Washington. January 5, 2021 is the magic day. It’s possible, that if we all push very hard over the next few weeks, we … Continue reading

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Crickets from Legislative Leadership on Furloughs

As labor unions and progressives take turns pounding on Governor Ige for his decision to furlough public workers, Hawaii’s legislative leaders watch safely and ever so quietly on the sidelines. House Speaker Saiki, House Finance Chair Sylvia Luke, Senate President … Continue reading

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Essentials On Winning A Local Election In 2022

Seems so obvious but to my friends who are thinking about running for election in 2022, please remember that elections are decided by the people who show up at the polls. According to the Office of Elections, there were 832,466 … Continue reading

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2022 Starts Now – No More DINO’s, published 12/03/20 in Honolulu Star-Advertiser, by Gary Hooser

COVID-19 will be gone in 2022, and hopefully the same will be true of the DINO’s (Democrats In Name Only). We cannot continue electing faux Democrats to the Hawaii Legislature. At present, a majority of those in positions of legislative … Continue reading

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