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Minimum Wage Increase – Testimony Needed TODAY Monday 02/28/22

HB2510 proposes a minimum wage increase that delays reaching $18 until the year 2030, is scheduled for a hearing tomorrow, Tuesday March 1. The deadline for testimony is 11am, TODAY Monday 02/28/22. (LATE TESTIMONY IS ACCEPTED) The Senate has already … Continue reading

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File under: Can’t make this stuff up – Hawai’i Legislature and Chamber of Commerce

You might have missed it (or maybe you did not get the invite), but on Wednesday, February 23 from 5 to 8:15 pm the Hawai’i Chamber of Commerce sponsored cocktails, pupu, and essentially a speed dating event with legislators. The … Continue reading

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Taking back our government, one seat at a time

Why bother being involved in government and politics when Hawaiʻi lawmakers are crooks? Why bother testifying at the legislature when the policy decisions are fixed and insiders with money are calling the shots? As a good friend once told me, … Continue reading

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Parsing the words, dodging the truth – The Reapportionment Commission at work

The Hawaii Reapportionment Commission is hiding the truth about their practice of using the home addresses of incumbent legislators as criteria to be considered when re-drawing district maps. That’s what it looks like anyway. I welcome the qualified opinions of … Continue reading

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Hawaiʻi Corruption Opportunity – plus minimum wage update

We must jump all over this – now. Senator Karl Rhoads, Chair of the Judiciary Committee has scheduled SB555 introduced by Senator Les Ihara, banning campaign fundraisers during the legislative session. The committee(s) on JDC has scheduled a public hearing … Continue reading

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Which side are you on? House members will choose today!

Today, Thursday 02/17 there will be a floor vote on HB2510. It will be interesting to see who votes Yes in support of delaying the $18 increase until 2030, who votes No and stands firm with working people, and who … Continue reading

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Dealing with corruption is our collective kuleana

Do you know firsthand of any corruption involving bribery of public officials or government employees occurring here in our community? I sincerely hope not, but if you do It is our collective community’s responsibility to report if we know … Continue reading

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Time to rock and roll. Minimum wage increase scheduled in House. Testimony needed!

The House Labor Committee has finally scheduled Speaker Saiki’s minimum wage bill HB2510 to be heard this coming Tuesday and it’s absolutely essential that we flood the committee with testimony saying essentially – $18 by 2026 is the compromise Roses … Continue reading

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Anyone want to wager on $18 minimum wage?

Below is a verbatim exchange between a reader and myself on both the minimum wage issue and the potential “inside baseball” political games. “Dear Gary, I apologize for my skepticism sir but I don’t believe Speaker Saiki truly supports a … Continue reading

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Hawai’i – 3 alarm action alert on $18 minimum wage!

The State Senate and the Governor both are supporting SB2018, increasing the minimum wage in Hawaii to $18 per hour in 2026, phased in starting this October. Only the approval of Speaker of the House Scott Saiki is needed, and … Continue reading

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