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Term Limits In Hawai’i – Shortening the long game for state legislators

It’s time to begin a statewide conversation about term limits. Few are pleased with the status quo. Though our current legislative leadership possesses decades of experience, clearly that’s not enough. “We already have term limits, they’re called elections” is the … Continue reading

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My birthday, a shameless ask, and 8 totally awesome Hawaiʻi candidates

Today is my 68th birthday and I’m shamelessly and unabashedly asking you to help me celebrate by supporting the Pono Hawaiʻi Initiative (PHI) with an online contribution. Yes, lunch, coffee, or another suitable libation would be fun too and perhaps … Continue reading

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Legal Housing Discrimination In Hawai’i Has To Be Made Illegal

The pandemic has left many people in a place they never thought they’d be – “accepting government assistance”.   We all know someone who has suffered an unexpected illness, job loss, or death in the family that’s left them struggling … Continue reading

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Into the weeds – Kauaʻi specific but likely to interest all policy nerds, candidates, and attorneys with too much time on their hands

To be a candidate for the Kauaʻi County Council you must be a resident and a “qualified voter” for two years preceding the election. On the surface this seems like a reasonable requirement. However, it’s the most restrictive in Hawai’i … Continue reading

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Breaking: Democratic Party of Hawai’i says Blue Dog Ed Case’s actions do not reflect the values of the Party

This is really remarkable news: On Saturday, January 8th, the Democratic Party of Hawai’i State Central Committee (SCC) passed a Resolution expressing disappointment with Blue Dog Democrat Congressman Ed Case over his position, action, and inaction with regards to the … Continue reading

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The Hawai’i reapportionment process: Does anyone else find this objectionable and inappropriate, if not downright in violation of the state constitution?

According to the Hawai’i state constitution Article 4 (Reapportionment) Section 6 #2 states – “No district shall be so drawn as to unduly favor a person or political faction.” Yet: 1) The members of the reapportionment commission responsible for drawing … Continue reading

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Public policy goals for 2022 – Your thoughts?

It goes without saying that if we don’t set goals, we are sure not to achieve them. With that in mind, here are 13 public policy goals for your consideration. * Term limits for state legislators * Passage of true … Continue reading

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My Top Ten 2021 Blog Posts – musings elaborated and quantified

One of my top goals for 2022 is to write more. Perhaps I will start that book. There is no shortage of topics, both real and imagined 😉 My intention for the moment is that the Hooser Blog will be … Continue reading

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