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Bill 2491 Veto No Veto – What Is Next?

I would like to say that my phone has been ringing off the hook all day, but actually my phone has not been “on the hook” for over 10 years now and no longer rings in the traditional sense. But … Continue reading

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The 3 most frequent questions about Bill 2491

#1 Question: The Council voted 6 to 1 in support, can the Mayor still veto Bill 2491? Answer: To be clear, the Mayor has the authority to veto regardless of how many votes the Council members cast in support.  The … Continue reading

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A Way Forward – Bill 2491

The kabuki unfolding in the Council Chambers has crossed over to the absurd.   We blast the State for its dereliction of duty, all the while pointing to them as our savior.  We bang on the State for their incompetence and … Continue reading

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Retired Hawaii Supreme Court Justice Joins Top Hawaii and National Attorneys In Support of Bill 2491 –

“We feel it would be unfortunate if the Council were to allow any well-financed opponent to determine public policy merely by threatening to sue. But if a vote is being based on the belief that the Bill will be struck … Continue reading

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