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The Often Not Very Pretty Process Of Lawmaking

The passage of Bill 2491 into law requiring the largest chemical companies in the world to disclose their pesticide use and prohibiting the use of these chemicals near Kauai schools, hospitals and homes or face criminal penalties – is a … Continue reading

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Retired Hawaii Supreme Court Justice Joins Top Hawaii and National Attorneys In Support of Bill 2491 –

“We feel it would be unfortunate if the Council were to allow any well-financed opponent to determine public policy merely by threatening to sue. But if a vote is being based on the belief that the Bill will be struck … Continue reading

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A Short History Of Yesterday – Bill 2491 Relating to Pesticides and Genetically Modified Organisms

SB2491 has been deferred until September 9th when a meeting of the Economic Development Committee of the Kauai County Council will hold its second hearing.  This is confirmed and will not change.  The exact time and location will be announced … Continue reading

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