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Four Steps For Change: Legislative, Electoral, Judicial and Grassroots

Aloha, Like you, I care deeply about the problems and challenges facing us here in Hawaii, my home and the birthplace of my children and grandchildren. There are many pathways to effect change but the lens of advocacy through which … Continue reading

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The Quisling’s of Wailuku

Four years ago the elected leadership of Maui County, betrayed the people of Maui. Betrayal is a strong word, but after much reflection I do not hesitate to use it. Many thanks to the Maui Independent for the excellent article … Continue reading

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“The strange and tortuous path of the education Con Am” – for legislative nerds and policy wonks only – 

The Con Am as we now know it, was born on January 24, 2018 as SB2922 with the primary introducer being Senator Michelle Kidani, Vice President of the Senate and Chair of the Senate Education Committee.   After months of … Continue reading

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Indulge for a moment, a rant on the topic of voting.

Voting is such a boring topic so I figure a rant is in order. People that already vote, will yawn and say “been there done that…move along…I’ve done my part and now I can get back to working in the … Continue reading

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Funding Public Education – The art of kicking the can down the road

Watching and listening to various individuals and organizations beating up on public school teachers and their effort to increase funding for public education is disheartening. Every single opponent leads with, “I support public education and teachers but…(fill in the reason … Continue reading

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Who and what am I voting for or against? A look at my Kauai general election ballot choices.

In response to several requests that have come via text, email and FaceBook, I have summarized below how I intend to vote on the various items contained on the General Election Ballot.  Though this is a Kauai specific list…several of … Continue reading

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Who I am. Why I am doing this. How you can help. (my recent email message in case you did not get it)

Aloha, The goal of this email is to enroll your help in making our community and our world a better place. If we have not yet met in person, this message will further serve as an initial introduction as to … Continue reading

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