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Funding Public Education – The art of kicking the can down the road

Watching and listening to various individuals and organizations beating up on public school teachers and their effort to increase funding for public education is disheartening. Every single opponent leads with, “I support public education and teachers but…(fill in the reason … Continue reading

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Who and what am I voting for or against? A look at my Kauai general election ballot choices.

In response to several requests that have come via text, email and FaceBook, I have summarized below how I intend to vote on the various items contained on the General Election Ballot.  Though this is a Kauai specific list…several of … Continue reading

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Who I am. Why I am doing this. How you can help. (my recent email message in case you did not get it)

Aloha, The goal of this email is to enroll your help in making our community and our world a better place. If we have not yet met in person, this message will further serve as an initial introduction as to … Continue reading

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Four Excellent Choices for Kauai County Council

I recently had the pleasure of co-hosting a KKCR “Out Of The Box” radio show that featured a discussion among four candidates for Kauai County Council.  I was genuinely impressed by each and every one of these individuals and found … Continue reading

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Candidates that don’t show up, don’t deserve your vote.

In approximately two weeks, the first round of absentee ballots will be mailed out for the General Election.  Like many in the community, my mind is still not totally made up as to who I will be voting for the … Continue reading

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