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We need change-makers, not just place-holders.

Often I get asked by readers, why I am supporting Candidate X over Candidate Y (who is often the incumbent). The short answer is one that the totally awesome former Ohio Sen. Nina Turner has by now made famous: “Just … Continue reading

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The Myth of Democrats Controlling Politics and Government in Hawaii

Hawaii is a blue state dominated by Democrats and the Democratic Party. Conventional wisdom though this may be, it’s only half true. And even the half that’s true is not really true. Dwell on that for a moment. All too … Continue reading

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The Hawaii Case Against President Biden’s “Build Back Better Agenda”

Hawaii Congressman Ed Case is siding with the Republicans (IMHO) and Conservative Democrats attempting to sabotage the President’s $3.5 trillion social infrastructure plan – Please call Case today and ask him to help build the plan up rather than tear … Continue reading

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5 good reads – short, stimulating, and to some degree – unsettling

Today I’m sharing a handful of short “must reads” and encourage you to take a moment to review them when you can grab some quiet time. I found each provided me valuable insight into the four different subject matter pillars. … Continue reading

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Coco Palms: Time for permit revocation and demolition

29 years ago on September 11th 1992, hurricane ʻIniki, the most powerful storm to strike Hawaiʻi in recorded history demolished much of Kauaʻi, including that property formerly known as the Coco Palms Hotel. While the rest of us have rebuilt … Continue reading

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Need help with translation – techno/academic types need apply

Readers – I need some help. When you get a moment…are you able to read and translate the below? 😉 It’s not urgent at all…but I honestly don’t know what this guy is trying to tell me or sell me…it … Continue reading

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Title: Hating on each other is not helpful

It’s time to take a deep breath I think. Perhaps a second, and a third are also in order. I would suggest taking a “chill pill” but unfortunately too many are probably already headed down this path of self-medication. And … Continue reading

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