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2018 Resolutions & detailed 3 part strategy to win

Aloha Friends, As you are aware, 2018 is a year that we can and must win. Our winning strategy requires waging the battle on three critical fronts: Electoral, Legislative, and Legal. A solid win in any one of these areas … Continue reading

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Hawaii Policy & Politics, 2017 national debacle = 2018 local responsibility

While perhaps a bit trite and formulaic, am thinking a year-end review and a preview of the year ahead is in order. There is, of course, good news and bad news. The bad news is that 2017 in a political … Continue reading

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A Progressive Agenda and More

Too often we are tasked on election day to choose between the lesser of two evils.  I believe early on, before we get to that point, we should strive to find and elect those people that actually meet our highest … Continue reading

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Essential Reading: For medical professionals and others serious about understanding the Kauai pesticide/birth defect situation

Below is a comment pulled from The Garden Island comment section, that was attached to the “Pesticides and Birth Defects – Who do you believe?” story published on 11/29/2017 (and republished on this blog, below this blog piece). This is … Continue reading

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