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Inside Baseball @ State Capitol

Unfortunately, House Leadership continues to play fast and loose with the rules, the law, and the intent of the State Constitution. AND they continue to “lead” their members down a path fraught with bad policy, bad process…and worst of all … Continue reading

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The politics of pork and military spending

Expanding the Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF) via a new $1.9 billion radar project that the Pentagon doesn’t want, says isn’t needed and will be obsolete before it’s even completed – is a bad idea. The benefits of the pork … Continue reading

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On behalf of that man under the bridge

The House of Representatives in Hawaii is essentially telling that man under the bridge – too bad, too sad. Get a second, or third job, or do whatever, just suck it up and stop complaining is the message. We’ve got … Continue reading

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Blowing Smoke On Cannabis Legalization – Pulling back the curtain on SB767

Your calls to Representative Nakashima encouraging him to give a fair hearing to SB767 relating to the legalization of cannabis – definitely worked. As a result of the many calls that were made to his office, Representative Nakashima is walking … Continue reading

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Testimony needed today for Environmental Protection, Criminal Justice Reform, Election Reform, Tax Fairness

Here is a short but long list of important bills that need your/our attention today. Please – Take the time to submit something even if it is short and to the point. This may be the last chance for you … Continue reading

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Injustice and hypocrisy at the state legislature

SB676 increasing the minimum wage to $12 has passed out of the Senate and is now awaiting a hearing by Representative Richard Onishi, Chair of the House Labor and Tourism Committee. Unfortunately, it appears that House Speaker Scott Saiki is … Continue reading

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Making law in Hawaii via the ballot box

What if Hawaii residents, fed up with the lack of leadership at the state legislature, decided to take matters into their own hands and change the law themselves? This is the power of citizen initiative. “A process of a participatory … Continue reading

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Political Labels And The Man Under The Bridge

A “radical centrist” is how I’ve recently taken to describing myself and my politics. Needless to say, I’ve taken flack from progressive friends on the left who see centrists as the enemy, blue dogs, and regressive corporatists in hiding. I … Continue reading

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Legislative Updates: Cannabis, Criminal Justice, Food/Farms, Reproductive Rights

Aloha Friends, I wish this were not the case and truthfully the weekend work is wearing on me as well. However, if we do not show up with testimony by Monday morning, we will surely end up paying a price … Continue reading

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Wednesday 2/24 – Please Show Up @ Capitol: Defend and Respect Workers – employed and unemployed

Regardless of where you live, please join us, either virtually or in-person Wednesday February 24 to demonstrate your support and your respect for workers, both the unemployed and those fortunate to still be working. There are two tracks: If you … Continue reading

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