Hawaii’s next governor won’t dance

Be aware when the SuperPacs again bring out their long knives – Kai Kahele will not dance and he clearly can win. Therefore the big money forces will be fighting him tooth and nail, day and night, for the next 90 days.

You are aware already I am sure that Congressman Kai Kahele has officially announced he’s running for Governor. Watch his announcement speech – you will be impressed.

If you read my piece from last week, Dancing with the devil – money and politics in Hawaiʻi, you know that Kai is my guy (and why he won’t dance).

He has made a commitment to cap campaign contributions at $100 per person. That’s it, $100. The legal limit for a Governor’s race is $6,000, but Kahele says $100 is the most he will accept from anyone.

He’s saying it’s time to get big money out of politics.

As a candidate myself in 10 elections over a 20-year period, I can tell you firsthand how exhausting and sometimes demeaning fundraising can be.

True Confessions: Over the years I’ve solicited and accepted campaign contributions from corporations, unions, and high net worth individuals – each of whom, either implicitly or explicitly, sought and expected my support for their particular policy agenda.

I’d like to think I’ve maintained my integrity along the way, but it should be no surprise that this is why people, corporations, and unions make large contributions to campaigns.

It’s about influence, and too often those with the most money have the most influence.

Fundraising is a huge roadblock to entry for new candidates and is an inherently corrupting influence on the political culture.

Kai Kahele is saying no to this culture and is making campaign finance reform a #1 priority. Imagine that. A top-tier candidate running for Governor saying no to big money and big influence. Wow. Just wow.

Needless to say, I made my online contribution of $100 as soon as I saw his announcement. And I hope you will too. Please join me in support of a guy who is saying out loud, that Hawaiʻi is not for sale.  $100 bucks. That’s it. Of course, $20, $30, or $50 will also help!

Want to know more about where Kai Kahele stands on the issues? It’s all here on the campaign website – take the time please to read it.

Yes, Kai is my guy and I’ve sent him my $100. It feels good actually to know that I will be one of his top donors 😉 And it feels good to support a candidate that’s willing to walk the talk against big money and big influence.

A recent Twitter/Text poll done by KITV4 says Kahele can win and is in fact winning. Be aware of this when the SuperPacs again bring out their long knives.

Kai Kahele will not dance and he clearly can win. Therefore the big money forces will be fighting him tooth and nail, day and night, for the next 90 days.

Let’s turn up our own heat and help this guy. Send him a small online contribution, join as a volunteer, and share his candidacy with friends and neighbors.

Let them know that Kai won’t dance, and that’s why we must make sure he wins.

Gary Hooser
Former State Senator and Majority Leader

*If you have not already done so, please read – Dancing with the devil – money and politics in Hawaiʻi…it will help connect the dots.

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  1. Grateful to be prompted to help🙏🏻🌺

    Sent from my iPhone Sharon Douglas


  2. rexann dubiel says:

    So…no to Josh Green?

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