Lieutenant Governor – it’s time to come clean

I’m as sick and tired of this conversation as anyone. We should be talking about the future and solving the many challenges facing our community, not asking an elected official seeking higher office to do the bare minimum that any other state employee with a suspected conflict of interest would be asked to do.

Until I finally watched the 25 minute video of their joint press conference, my hope was that we could just move on past this negative stuff. I’m oh-so-tired of it. 

It’s impossible to now set aside my own personal responsibility to support their effort in getting to the truth of the matter. 

Kai Kahele and Vicky Cayetano are honorable people who have looked at the facts available to them, determined there is reason for alarm and a need for clarity. They are asking the lieutenant governor to tell the public the full truth about his outside financial interests. They are also asking the news media to dig deeper and report on what is really going on.

This is a reasonable and legitimate request and if there’s nothing to hide, why would Green not comply?

By continuing to refuse disclosure, Josh Green only fuels the fires of suspicion.

Lieutenant Governor Josh Green should publicly and fully disclose the source of his income that is funneled through Green Health International LLC, and answer the other questions raised by Congessman Kai Kahele and former First Lady Vicky Cayetano. 

According to public records, in addition to his annual lieutenant governor salary of $160,000, Green Health International LLC and other health related entities have paid the L.G. between $600,000 and $1,000,000 since he has held that seat. 

He’s getting paid to be a full-time lieutenant governor, yet he also has earned between $150,000 and $250,000 per year providing medical services like fixing a child’s dislocated shoulder?

Somehow I don’t think so.

No doctor earns $150,000 to $250,000 per year working part-time on weekends fixing dislocated shoulders.

According to – “The average Physician General Practitioner salary in Hawaii is $228,590 as of June 28, 2022, but the range typically falls between $197,990 and $255,690.”

Because he refuses to disclose who’s paying him through his Limited Liability Corporation, Green Health International LLC – we can only speculate as to what’s really going on.

The principals of Green Health International LLC. are listed as Joshua Green and his wife Jaime Green. The corporation also lists former Hawaii State Insurance Commissioner Jeffrey Schmidt as its “agent”. 

Schmidt, was hired by Green as a “Senior Advisor” in the L.G.’s office while he was also acting as Green Health International LLC’s agent.

The State Ethics Code, which applies to all state employees states, “Do not solicit or enter into substantial financial transactions with anyone you supervise or regulate as a state employee.” Teachers, janitors, and highway workers have to follow the State ethics code, shouldn’t the LG too?

Schmidt worked in the L.G.’s office as a paid employee of the State, at the same time he was working as Green Health Internationals’s agent, AND he was (and still is) the CEO and a Principal at Abaris Global (April 2016 to present). Abaris Global is based in Denver Colorado and according to its website provides expertise on regulatory and corporate governance, Blockchain & Insurance, Regulation & Compliance – cryptocurrency and related matters. Schmidt also is the agent for Ola Like LLC which is located at the same address as Green Health International.

One question of course leads to another. It appears the L.G. also owned another health company of which little is known. A public records search reveals a Seva Natural Medicine Limited Liability Partnership located at 75-169 Hualala Rd, Ste 301, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740, Incorporated 20 August 2014 and Involuntarily Canceled. Officers: Everett, Melanie, general partner, 20 Aug 2014-Green, Josh, general partner, 20 Aug 2014- and Joshua Green, agent.

So as you can see, the request for full disclosure is a reasonable one. Please. Take the time and watch the video. But I warn you that if you do, you won’t be able to unlearn what it teaches you. 

The lieutenant governor should fully disclose in writing as soon as possible, so voters can make an informed decision.

Where is the Green Health International LLC. money coming from? If the income is from hospitals and physician service organizations for which he is providing medical services, then information to substantiate that needs to be made public. If the income is from something else, the public needs to know that as well.

The public deserves an answer. Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Gary Hooser
Former Hawaiʻi State Senator
Note: If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, at least watch the clip starting at 9:02 in the video.

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5 Responses to Lieutenant Governor – it’s time to come clean

  1. Patricia Blair says:

    Thanks, Gary, Greens not for me. Wasn’t there a question about where Green actually lived while he was in the Legislature and worked the ER on Big Island?

  2. Frank DeGiacomo says:

    Gary – while I’m open to thoughtful discussion that is not what you are offering. Rumor and innuendo have no place here in the comment section of your blog…I know of no sweetheart deal as you, Kai, and Vicky describe. If you have proof of that please show it here. You speculate as to his intent which also has no place here…you have no idea what’s in his heart and mind…you are simply casting negative stones…Please, with all due respect, don’t continue with this negative campaigning for Kai.

    Green already openly admits to taking money from Pacific Resource Partnership (or whatever form it is taking today). I think Green is going to owe them when he gets is. Kai would probably admit to having a nice gig flying for Hawaiian Airlines while not being in DC taking votes and such other things Representatives do there. He would likely owe Hawaiian Airlines. And don’t even get me started on Vicky her support of the Hawaiian Humane Society, and what roll Ben actually would play in her administration.

    The point is that their records, their policies, and their visions should be what is compared and contrasted given the slate candidates we have before us.

  3. scottypoppins says:

    I sincerely have to disagree with your comments Frank.
    The governor needs to disclose where his finances come from. It may not be a law, but it sure is a good start to holding an Administration with transparency as a standard operating procedure.
    Your “what about isms” towards the other candidates, simply does not hold water. They are asking legitimate questions, and they have revealed their financial disclosures to the full extent.
    Gary is telling it like he sees it. He has many years of experience working with politicians, and I trust his judgment 100%… If you voted for Green already, and now you regret your vote, I can see how your position would become defensive. People don’t like to admit that they may have made a mistake. Just look at the January 6th committee and all the people who refused to testify…guilty consciences with the actual intent to break the law will do that to folks who abhor transparency.
    No transparency to me, equals ill intent at least, and Criminal behavior at worst.

  4. I would think Kai kahnle is my choice. Aloha, Gertie

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