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On Preemption: Carrying The Water For Monsanto In Hawaii – An Open Letter To State Legislators

Dear Legislator, I know how busy you are and that you are dealing with a myriad of issues important to the State of Hawaii, so I will cut to the chase. Taking away County authority to regulate agriculture and/or pesticides … Continue reading

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The Days Of Looking The Other Way…Are Over

Sunday December 15 at noon in Haleiwa – please be there and march with us.  If you live on Oahu especially, please make the time to join us and send a message loud and clear that the days of business … Continue reading

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Testimony on SB586HD2 relating to exempting gmo and large agribusiness infrastructure – Oops! Must have been a freudian slip…the actual title is Relating to Agricultural Building Permits

This measure SB586HD2 is scheduled for today Thursday April 18th. I am supporting the HD1 because it allows the Counties discretion to exempt only small structures on small farms. Aloha Conference Committee Members and Legislators, I respectfully ask you to … Continue reading

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An open letter to friends and former colleagues in the Senate:

March 13, 2013 Aloha Friends and Former Senate Colleagues, Good policy plus good politics – that elusive holy grail each of us who serve in public office seeks every day. What can we do that will make our communities better … Continue reading

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It’s Not About Eating The Corn

It’s not about eating the corn Not for me anyway.  The decision to eat or not eat the corn is only a small reason I support the labeling of genetically modified foods and hold deep reservations about the industry as … Continue reading

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PLDC – Bad Process, Bad Policy, Bad Politics

Testimony in Strong Support of a complete and full repeal of the PLDC RE:  Applies to all items on the 9am agenda I’m supporting HB 1133 and HB 589 as the two bills that would repeal the PLDC. I’m also opposing … Continue reading

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PLDC creation was a slap in the face of the public and state Constitution

The Public Land Development Corporation (PLDC) was created by the legislature in a manner that at best was unprincipled and at worst corrupt and illegal. Those responsible owe the people of our state, first an apology, and then a complete … Continue reading

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