Publicly funded elections being thrown under the bus – your action is needed now

According to Civil Beat and many other sources too afraid to speak publicly – SB1543 publicly funded elections – will/may be sentenced to a slow and twisted death today April 27th at 3:05PM in Conference Room 325.

It’s time for that final and all-important push. Public pressure is the only tool we have left, and that means all of us must step up and apply it – liberally.

The 7 Senators and 6 Representatives listed below are the primary legislators responsible for whatever decision is made, and ALL should be contacted now, today, as early in the day as possible.

Yes, after passing every committee in both the House and Senate, behind the scenes and in the dark, SB1543 is being eviscerated. It is shameful really.

They get an A+ however for creativity and subterfuge. Their plan it seems is to actually pass SB1543 but not have it take effect until 2028 and then only for a single election, and then to limit via a lottery the number of candidates who can participate. AND to make absolutely sure this cluster muster won’t fly they are only funding 50% of even that miserable attempt at appeasement.

This way they can claim to have passed this incredibly important measure, promise to “fix it” in the future, and keep open the option of thoroughly killing it again at any time between now and 2027 – while making advocates grovel over the next 4 years begging to extend and properly fund it.

Seriously – can’t make this stuff up. Read “Sunshine Blog: So much for game-changing legislation.” Civil Beat

And then – make those calls and send that email for what is likely to be the very last day and the very last opportunity to change the hearts and minds of key decision-makers.

Please don’t let your own district legislators off the hook on this either. They may not be the key decision-makers, but their voice can make the difference – IF they choose to use it. Find your legislator’s contact info here:

The message is basic: “Pass SB1543. Properly fund it, make it permanent, and have it begin no later than 2026.” Short messages are fine – professional and courteous, please.

**If you live in their district – your call/email is 100 times more important so please let them know that important fact.

The below legislators are all either a member of the Conference Committee or “leadership” and ultimately control what happens to SB1543. Please don’t accept a “There’s nothing I can do” response from any of them.

Senate President Ron Kouchi – 808-586-6030
WAM Chair Donovan Dela Cruz – 808-586-6090
Judiciary Chair Karl Rhoads – 808-586-6130
Senator Sharon Moriwaki – 808-586-6740
Senator Brandon Elefante – 808-586-6230
Senator Mike Gabbard – 808-586-6830
Senator Brenton Awa – 808-586-7330

House Speaker Scott Saiki – 808-586-6100
Finance Chair Kyle Yamashita – 808-586-6330
Judiciary Chair David Tarnas – 808-586-8510
Representative Lisa Marten – 808-586-9450
Representative Gregg Takayama – 808-586-6340
Representative Kanani Souza – 808-586-8465

We need to pour it on friends. Please Please Please – make the calls, send the emails, and contact your friends and networks to do the same.

We can do this.


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2 Responses to Publicly funded elections being thrown under the bus – your action is needed now

  1. De Austin says:

    I did it! I support this and I let my legislators know!

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