4 things you can do now to help – Coco Palms – I Ola Wailuanui

4 things you can do now to help – I Ola Wailuanui https://www.wailuanui.org

1) Make a pledge or promise of a future contribution! This pledge is contingent upon I OLA WAILUA NUI raising the total amount of funding needed to purchase the property. – Cut, paste, and complete the below “Pledge Form” and return it to iolawailuanui@gmail.com
Wailuanuiahoʻāno – My personal financial pledge

I, ___________________ promise to contribute $_______ to assist in funding the purchase and community-based development of Wailuanuiahoʻāno that honors the history, perpetuate the culture, and is community-based in its leadership and vision.

The said $______ shall be paid as follows:

$_______ to be donated to an acceptable 501c3 nonprofit organization designated to hold title to the property provided that sufficient funds are pledged to acquire the Coco Palms property. These pledged funds shall be provided upon the close of said escrow.

$_______per year for the following 4 years to be donated to an acceptable 501c3 nonprofit organization designated to manage the property community-based development.

This pledge shall expire unless extended in writing by the donor if for any reason the property purchase has not been consummated by 02/01/24.

Name – ________________
Date – _______________
Mailing Address –

2) Contribute now online or via mail to support existing administration and legal expenses. No contribution is too small, all are welcome and critically important. https://www.wailuanui.org/donate

3) Request an in-person or zoom meeting to learn more about this incredible project. For individuals, organizations, or small groups who are considering a major gift – email iolawailuanui@gmail.com

4) Kauaʻi Residents: Cut and paste the below letter of support and return it asap to iolawailuanui@gmail.com It is very important that we can demonstrate broad-based community support. Returning this statement or any statement you prefer is greatly appreciated.

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter in full support of I Ola Wailuanui, its vision and the community plan being developed for Wailuanuiho’ano.

Wailuanuiho’ano and what many know as the former CocoPalms Resort is a uniquely special and sacred area.

The site is surrounded by ancient sacred heiau – from the mouth of the Wailua river to the summit of Mt. Waiʻaleʻale. The last Queen of Kauaʻi, Queen Deborah Kapule lived on the property and it was the birthing place for royalty.

Wailuanuiho’ano was the site of astronomical tracking of the rising heavens, and a gathering place and social headquarters in ancient Hawaiʻi.

Two ancient loko i ʻa, Loko Puʻuone (or Loko Hakuone) – inland fishponds Weuweu and Kaiwiʻiki (or Kawaiʻiki) – are still present on the property. These fishponds are estimated to be between 600 and 800 years old. Mahele records also show the seaward portion encompasses Mahunapuʻuone burial grounds.

I Ola Wailuanui envisions the acquisition, restoration, protection, and ongoing stewardship of these important lands via a community-driven process that honors the deep history of this place, both ancient & modern – and led by individuals with ancestral ties and rooted to this ʻāina.

Rather than a private hotel development, I Ola Wailuanui envisions a public place of cultural enrichment, historic preservation, land conservation & spiritual nourishment; an educational & interpretive gathering place; a center of Hawaiian cultural stewardship; a place of food production: and a core place for learning in Hawaiʻi.

I Ola Wailuanui is a Kauaʻi based hui now securing 501c3 non-profit status and presently working with established 501c3 organizations including those with experience in the acquisition and management of lands intended for preservation and conservation. https://www.wailuanui.org

I am a resident of Kauaʻi and I stand in support of the I Ola Wailuanui vision.

Kauai Address:


Gary Hooser

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