Charter Amendment Suggestions – Kauai, Maui, Hawaii, and Honolulu/Oahu

2020 General Election Charter Amendments

In response to the many requests I have received for thoughts on the various Charter Amendments being proposed by the four Counties:

My apology for the delay in pulling this together, AND regret that the below is a more or less “quick and dirty” response with not a lot of discussion or explanation. But it’s the best I can do for now! I encourage all to read the proposed amendments carefully, discuss them with friends and family if you can – and then VOTE!

But since you have asked, here are my thoughts…

Here is a link where you can read the actual Charter Amendment questions for each County

Kauai County – Vote YES on all…but with some hesitation on two of them.

This link will put the proposed Charter Amendments into a better context by showing the exact language changes.

Two of the proposed Kauai Charter Amendments call for reducing the qualifications needed to be the County Water Manager and the County Engineer.

From Civil Beat “• Questions 5 and 6 affect qualifications for manager and chief engineer of the water department and for the county engineer. The county has had trouble attracting and retaining qualified people in those two positions because the current charter requires that they be licensed engineers and county executive salary schedules have proven insufficient in attracting candidates…But Jan TenBruggencate, a Charter Review Commission member, said the commission had concluded that what both positions require more than an engineering background is experience in personnel management and overall public administration.”

The Garden Island “Charter Amendments Explained” for info:

Hawaii County – “YES” on all EXCEPT “NO” on #5

I spoke with many friends and associates in Hawaii County and the answers were consistent. Senator Russell Ruderman summed it up by saying, “I am recommending “YES” on all EXCEPT “NO” on #5 which would change the Council terms from 2 to 4 years.”

League of Women Voters – Voter information on Hawaii County Charter Amendments

Charter amendment price tags: Most of the 16 proposed amendments will have minimal financial impact, county says

Maui County – Vote YES on all 7

Note: There is a heavily funded effort being spearheaded by an off-shore SuprePac pushing a vote no. I strongly encourage voters to read the amendments and make up their own minds. The groups opposing the amendments are operating entirely in the shadows and have refused to divulge exactly who is behind that effort and who is putting up the money. In addition the vote no campaign is based on total misinformation, fear, rumor and innuendo.

Charter Amendments


City & County of Honolulu – There are 4. My suggestion would be to vote YES on all.

Proposed Charter Amendments

Click to access REV-2020_Proposed_Charter_Questions.pdf

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