On Obama’s Speech in Kansas – ” I really want to believe that he loves me, but he is losing me”

As written by my good friend Shannon Rudolph and posted on my FB page December 6 in response to the speech given by President Obama in Kansas. Shannon’s words echo those of many in the progressive community. They want to believe, but feel like Lucy has pulled the football away from Charlie Brown just one too many times….

From Shannon Rudolf : “I just watched part of the speech again, and SO wished the words coming out of his mouth were true. An old song by the Bellamy Bros. came to mind; “I’m a doctor, I’m a lawyer, I’m a movie star – I’m an astronaut and I own this bar, I’d lie to you for your love – and that’s the truth.” I wonder if the republican freak show debates are a set up because “they” already have who they want. The people surrounding him; the bankers, the nuclear industry, (who are starting up the 1st U.S. nuclear reactors in 34 years) GMO’s, etc. – is making me think of not voting for the first time in my life. The article asks: “”What can a president do today?” I’ll tell you, its VERY simple – do your damn job; its called democracy. Ask America what it wants AND DO IT. I want Obama to get mad and let the signing statements rip – use every bit of power at his disposal and create more, like Cheney did! Hell, I want to see him lead a million people march on congress in his own popemobile!!! If he can’t start showing some real fight, I think he should take some time off and let Michelle kick some ass. I really want to believe that he loves me, but he’s losing me. His speech today shows me he’s at least paying attention and is a little scared that he is losing the OWS demographic. Keep the pressure on; former mayor of Salt Lake City and former Utah ACLU president, Rocky Anderson, (running on the 3rd party “Justice Party”) is lookin’ pretty good. 🙂

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3 Responses to On Obama’s Speech in Kansas – ” I really want to believe that he loves me, but he is losing me”

  1. David says:

    Did I subscribe to the Gary Hooser Blog for the purpose of supporting Hooser for Congress, or was it for the purpose of receiving ignorant Obama-bashing commentary? Why not just vote for a Republican or a Libertarian, or someone else instead of sending out stuff like this?

  2. Shannon Rudolph says:

    Sorry David. Its called pressure on Obama to use the mandate he was given; the people must pull him back from the forces of eeeeevil. Its up to us to steer him in the right direction and sometimes that takes tough love, I didn’t mean to offend you. If you haven’t noticed, our country is in a hell of a mess and to be honest, its not all Bush’s fault any more, since we’re going on 3 years now. I am a hard core Dem. I am not a happy camper.

  3. As far as I am concerned, voting for Obama was the right thing to do in 2008 and voting for Rocky Anderson is the right thing to do in 2012. There’s no need to bash the guy, but no need to apologize either. Obama is a young man with much more to give the people of America but he is not governing from a position of power. The most empowering thing we can do for him and ourselves is to elect someone who, as Rocky has promised, will take no more than $100 from anyone. This will revolutionize America politics forever. It will set Obama free. Check out Rocky Anderson and the Justice Party. You will be amazed.

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