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This blog represents my thoughts as an individual person and does not represent the official position of any organization I may be affiliated with. I presently serve as volunteer President of the Hawaii Alliance for Progressive Action (H.A.P.A.) I am the former Vice-Chair of the Democratic Party of Hawaii. In another past life, I was an elected member of the Kauai County Council, a Hawaii State Senator, and Majority Leader, and the Director of Environmental Quality Control for the State of Hawaii - in an even earlier incarnation I was an entrepreneur and small business owner. Yes, I am one of the luckiest guys on the planet. Please visit my website AND sign up for my newsletter (unlike any email newsletter you have ever gotten, of that I am sure) - “Come to the edge.” “We can’t. We’re afraid.” “Come to the edge.” “We can’t. We will fall!” “Come to the edge.” And they came. And he pushed them. And they flew. - Christopher Logue (b.1926)

A universal truth of policy and politics – read and share please

“When they tell you there’s no money, what they’re really saying is it’s not a priority.” This my friends who are new to policy and politics is a teachable moment. I’ll never forget the exact day and time I first … Continue reading

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On the houseless – take the drivel to your beer buddies

“We’re going to close up our hotel and take our business somewhere else where the taxes are lower!” said No Hotel On Kaua‘i Ever. Ditto for luxury vacation rentals, and so many other property owners who don’t live here, don’t … Continue reading

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“Into the weeds of power at Speakers House”

“Today’s discussion is not about taking hits, or shots — nor is it about weed. It’s about power and control.” I wrote this for today’s Civil Beat and it seems to have struck a chord. “Hawaii’s House Speaker Has Way, … Continue reading

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Game changer – SB1543 has been scheduled!

The game has changed since I last posted a few hours ago. Our efforts have paid off and SB1543, publicly funded elections, has been scheduled! Wednesday at 2pm is the day and time. Please submit testimony and help pass the … Continue reading

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SB1543 – game on. Time to double-down. Testimony needed…let’s do this.

Publicly funded elections, SB1543, has been scheduled for Wednesday, April 5th at 2pm! Mahalo to all from across the islands for the hard work and persistence. It’s time now to double-down, provide supportive testimony, and pass the word to friends … Continue reading

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What does George W. Bush, the Super Ferry, and the Coco Palms Hotel all have in common?

Sitting in the Kapa’a crawl, heading South, and not moving at all for what seems like a long, long time – I found myself thinking “Can’t wait until the Coco Palms Hotel opens up.” They say sarcasm is the lowest … Continue reading

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Kissing Kauaʻi Zoom Testimony Goodbye

Kauaʻi is now the only County in Hawaiʻi to prohibit remote interactive conference technology (ICT) testimony by citizens. No more Zooming in from Kekaha or Ha’ena to testify. Nope, you now have to take the day off, drive into Līhu‘e
, … Continue reading

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Getting rid of all those homeless people – A primer

An acquaintance grabbed my ear recently saying, “Gary, how can we get rid of all those homeless people?” He went on to bemoan the presence of the poor and unwashed that seem to be sleeping under every bridge and in … Continue reading

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Remembering Larry Rivera –

I miss Larry Rivera. He and Gloria, and his entire family hold a special place in my heart. I was traveling and off island during his recent celebration of life, but was there in spirit and share here today my … Continue reading

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HB955 – One man in the State House controls the birthing process for us all

One man in the legislature is controlling the outcome of an issue that impacts potentially every woman in the State of Hawaiʻi. As a man whose grandchildren have been born both at home on Kauaʻi with midwives in attendance, and … Continue reading

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