The $13 message – it’s all about the subject line. Email legislators NOW.

Please help today, especially by the end of the day on Wednesday, January 29th, if you can –  The 2020 Hawaii State Legislative Session has begun and we need to get this important message out BEFORE THE HEARINGS START.

1) Email your District State Representative and Senator and let them know that $13 per hour is not acceptable and that Hawaii workers deserve a living wage.

Do your best to put your core message into the subject line!

Make sure the legislator knows that you live in their district.  Include your name and the island/town you live on in the body of the email.

Keep your message brief.  It’s all about the subject line and the fact that you live in the district they represent.

2) If you have already reached out to them, please do so again.  Keeping it very short is fine.  They are very busy during the session, but they still needed to be reminded of the importance of this issue.

Be respectful and professional, please.

3) Identify your District Representative and Senator and get their contact information HERE

If the above link is not working for you (it can be fickle), you can also click here to locate your Hawaii State Senator and Representative.

Email them BOTH.  It is important that your email identify the fact that you are a constituent and that you live in the district. 

And for this message – It’s all about the subject line!

Please also cc the email sent to your Representative to and cc the email sent to your Senator to


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8 Responses to The $13 message – it’s all about the subject line. Email legislators NOW.

  1. Van Ashland says:

    Minimum wage should be higher than $15/hr.

    • garyhooser says:

      Agree…but…while not a living wage, or even a subsistence wage, $15 represents a strong step in the right direction. If tied to annual cost-of-living adjustments and future modest incremental increases, eventually a true living wage would be achieved.

  2. Harry J. McCarthy says:

    A bare minimum living wage of $15 per hour is a necessity for those Hawaiian citizens who barely get by. It is truly shocking that the legislature would have the temerity to deny people a minimum increase in a living wage while giving themselves a raise. Shame on you all! People will remember this come next election day!

  3. Judith Waters says:

    It is unconscionable for legislators to accept raises for themselves and not at the same time see that minimum wage workers get the proposed $15/hr .. which is still not enough to meet basic living costs. Please show some caring for those who work hard and are struggling. Hawaii needs the $15 minimum wage NOW, without delay.

  4. Ana says:

    Need to pass for the people of Hawaii

  5. Alvin Wong says:

    When the minimum wage goes up so does the food and services. The health of our future is now the health of our planet and our way of living. Bring the “Hydrogen on Demand” car that runs on water to Hawaii. Japan has it in production and it uses water for fuel and water vapor comes out from its exhaust. Our health is our wealth.

    • garyhooser says:

      Thank you for the comment Alvin. Increasing wages for those at the very bottom of the social-economic infrastructure is something that must be done. If the rest of us have to pay a few pennies more to help raise up the rest, then that is a small price to pay. We are already paying a huge social cost that translates into real $ to deal with homelessness and poverty.

  6. Bob Akamine says:

    I’d say that $15.00 should be the minimum for wage increase.

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