Testimony on Pesticide​ Bills needed TODAY – Tuesday,​ Feb. 4th

URGENT call for testimonies! Three important bills are being heard at the State Capitol tomorrow Wednesday 2/5 in the House Agriculture Committee (9am Conference Room #312). SO TESTIMONY MUST BE SUBMITTED TODAY.

Click on links to read the bills, make up your own mind and submit testimony.

It’s best to submit testimony via this testimony link  – but if you have trouble logging in and navigating the system, you can use this email address: AGRtestimony@capitol.hawaii.gov

Support HB2114 – increases fines for pesticide violators

Support HB1665 – bans glyphosate statewide

Oppose as written and suggest amendments HB2565 – proposes an amnesty program for Restricted Use Pesticides that is good for small residential users but could be a massive “give-a-way” and literally “get-out-of-jail-free” card for the large chemical companies who will transfer the cost of disposal to the public, and avoid fines and penalties.

Please submit testimony by the end of today, February 4th so your voice can be heard at tomorrow’s hearing! The HEARING NOTICE is HERE and is the best “one link” source of information to these Bill’s.

More info on the bills is below, but you are encouraged to read the bills via the links above.

SUPPORT: HB 2114 will require the Department of Agriculture (DOA) to issue a first warning whenever there is a pesticide violation. This is an important step in improving incident record documentation. DOA then must issue a fine for subsequent violations, such as improper or illegal pesticide uses. The bill also increases the fines associated with violations giving the department the ability to fine violators more appropriately for severe and repeated violations. If you submitted testimony last week for Friday’s hearing PLEASE RESUBMIT testimony for this new hearing date!

HB2114 is an important step towards protecting our people and environment from exposure to toxic pesticides. We need more transparency and higher penalties for pesticide use violations, so they are not simply a “cost of doing business” in Hawai`i. Please support raising the maximum fines for pesticide violations and better records and reporting. Despite the huge risks associated with exposure to improper pesticide use, pesticide misuse has, and continues to occur within the State and poses a threat to adjacent communities, our keiki, the environment, and farmworkers.

SUPPORT: HB 1665 is a statewide glyphosate ban. This bill would ban the use of all herbicides with glyphosate as an active ingredient. The science is clear on the dangers of glyphosate. Please support a ban on products containing glyphosate as an active ingredient.

OPPOSE – Offer Amendments: HB 2565 establishes an amnesty program for the disposal of Restricted Use Pesticides (RUPs). Although we absolutely support the safe disposal of RUP’s and the intention of the bill to provide easy and safe ways for small individual users to dispose of RUPs, this measure needs to ensure that this is used appropriately and that large agrichemical corporations operating in Hawai`i do not use this as a way to offload their responsibility of disposal onto state government and taxpayers.

Here’s how you can help:
Show up and provide oral testimony for these bills this Wednesday at the State Capitol in Honolulu, House Conference Room # 312 at 9AM

Thank you!

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