The DLNR Does Not Even Support HB1326 (corporate water theft)

If for some reason you remain unconvinced that HB1326 is a bad bill and not at all actually needed, please read the below and see clear proof that the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) did not think HB1326 was necessary and has never supported its passage (until of course the governor decided to interject himself into the discussion on behalf of A&B).

It is important to note also that on December 31st 2018, the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) submitted a report to the legislature entitled Water Rights Disposition report that stated: “In light of the ongoing cooperation among the various agencies involved, DLNR does not have any immediate recommendations for further legislative action or funding at this time…”

(no mention of the supposed hundreds of farms that will be without water unless the bill passes)

Then later on February 8th in testimony before the House Water Land Committee, the DLNR did not even support HB1326 but offered comments stating: “…it appears that Act 126, Session Laws of Hawaii 2016, already provided for continued holdover for the revocable permits beyond the initial three year period.” Actual testimony is HERE

(still no mention of the supposed hundreds of farms that will be without water unless the bill passes)

On February 25th, the DLNR stated in testimony essentially, ‘everything is on track, the various agencies (including the attorney generals office) are all working together with the permittees on this.’ (paraphrased) Actual testimony is HERE

(you guessed it…still no mention of the catastrophic circumstances that will ensue unless HB1326 is passed)

Again on April 2nd, in testimony before the Senate Water Land Committee, the DLNR makes no mention of any pressing or urgent need to pass any legislation at all. Actual testimony is HERE

(by now I hope you are starting to get the picture)

In fact none of the testimony provided by any of the proponents ever even comes close to suggesting the catastrophic circumstances now being run up the flag pole that, “hundreds of farmers will lose their water” if a bill does not pass.

Of course the real pudding…as in the “proof is in the pudding”- is the fact that Senator Kahele proposed passing an amended SD1 that took out A&B but left in the so-called small farmers.  But of course this proposal was rejected by the pro A&B Senate faction led by Senator Dela Cruz.  This is more proof that the small farmers and ranchers are only being used to provide cover for A&B, and all the faux outrage “to protect small farmers” is posturing rhetorical bs.

In any case, the $62,000,000 benefit to A&B will fund a lot of this type of disingenuous hype and you can be sure they will push to the end, and beyond on this.

We must remain vigilant and fully engaged on this.  We are hearing strong rumors again that the pro A&B Senate faction will be trying a last ditch effort to again pull HB1326 HD2 to the floor for a vote, this Tuesday April 30th at 10am.  A few of us will be gathering at the Queens statute at 9:30am and then sitting in the gallery to witness whatever, may or may not happen.

Please join us if you can.  Plus…pass the word.  We need everyones help to once again…!

1) Call AND Email your Senator: Let him/her know you are paying attention and do not support the Senate resurrecting HB 1326 HD2. Please ask him/her to stand with the people and not corporate interests.

Thank you!

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